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Level up your teaching

Challenge your students’ minds towards their full potential

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The benefits of our platform

Research-based Games

We turn scientific research into fun and exciting games that challenge your students’ creative thinking skills.

Embodied Creativity Training

We focus on embodied creativity which means students playing our games will become more creative.

Teaching Tools

We offer teachers an online platform with a collection of games for creativity training.

Creativity can be Taught

We believe that everyone can become more creative by doing deliberate practice of their creative skills.

Add Creativity to any Discipline

We focus on basic skills for creativity that are transversal to all courses and disciplines.

Generation of Engagement

We use games to increase the engagement and motivation of your students.

Flexible Learning

We offer students the possibility to train anytime, anyplace and at their own convenience through their desk- or laptop.

Competitive Advantage

We provide students with the possibility to gain a competitive advantage in their future lives.

Quick and Easy Implementation

We simplify incorporation making it easy and efficient to onboard our platform.

We provide teachers and students with the tools they need to bring their creativity to life!

No need to wait – it’s free of charge for you and all your students!