Online training platform is going to strengthen students’ creativity

November 23, 2017 Journal 0

A new and free online creativity training platform is going to help sharpen European students’ creative abilities. The world’s first digital training program in creativity has been accomplished/executed by researchers from Aalborg University and with support from Erasmus+ and in cooperation with universities from Malta, Spain, United States, and China.

With the objective of making creativity training easily accessible to all, researchers from Aalborg University have developed the platform Academy for Creativity. The overall aim is to strengthen students’ creativity in higher education institutes in Europe. Academy for Creativity is a comprehensive online platform that offers easily accessible creativity training through digital games. Moreover, the games being digital is an essential advantage, as training one’s creativity becomes independent of both physical facilities and a facilitator.

What is Academy for Creativity all about?

Research within the field of creativity training has time after time proven that creativity training does has a positive effect on a person’s creative abilities. In connection with the new era of digitalization, digital games opens up for new opportunities for dissemination and availability. Thinking and acting creativity is what separates us from robots, and which makes us capable of solving everyday tasks in new and original ways in working life as well as in private life. Likewise, creative abilities can be the element that makes you stand out from the crowd and thereby give a head start in society.

– What are humans suppose to live on in a future prospect the day robots take over a large portion of tasks?

The training program is therefore built around the narrative to be creative in a workplace. The program consists of ten creativity games, where each of which provides a theoretical insight as well as training one or more essential creative qualities.

Academy for Creativity’s vision is to become an integrated part of the existing courses within innovation, business, and entrepreneurship in Europe. The overall aim is to implement the program on all higher educations where problem solving is paramount. For teachers, it is easy to create a training course on the basis of various criteria, where it is possible to invite students and follow their progression and solutions.

Academy for Creativity is developed by Christian Byrge, Associate Professor, Ph.D from Aalborg University. Christian Byrge is known as one the founders of the founders of the creative platform as well as the Creative Genius education at master’s level.

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