Launching the world’s first digital creativity training program

Launching the world’s first digital creativity training program

December 18, 2017 Journal 0

Looking to enhance creativity?

The Academy for Creativity is ready to launch after nearly two years of designing exercises and developing software. Several test runs have been performed with teachers and students, all to improve the experience and user interface. Hence, more than 1600 users have already signed up in BETA. With Academy for Creativity, creativity training is made free of charge, available anywhere – and at anytime. All you need is access to a computer and WI-FI. Through 10 fun and serious research-based games, you can now train different creative qualities, such as:




Flexibility; the development of a variety of ideas

Elaboration; the ability to build upon existing ideas 

Fluency; the skill to generate a stream of ideas on command 

Originality; the creation of new and unique ideas 

Imagination; the mental conception of the yet unknown 

Self-Efficacy; engaging others and creating an understanding of an idea 


About Academy for Creativity

The Academy for Creativity is developed by researchers from Aalborg University, and backed up by student programmers in the design of software. The overall aim is to empower creative skills of students within higher education. Playing as little as 10-15 minutes a day will boost individual creativity, and additionally, provide a theoretical insight. Creative skills are especially relevant to students studying creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. However, it is applicable within all disciplines. Anyone can improve creative qualities with the Academy for Creativity.

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